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The Unicorn is an all-electric, pusher-propeller powered radio controlled 48 inch flying wing kit that offers convenient flying fun for model hobbyists, at a reasonable price.

Beginners will appreciate that the wings are made of resilient foam (EPP), bouncing upon impact, and that the Unicorn glides well at low speed.

Experienced pilots will discover that this fully aerobatic aircraft is capable of high speed rolls, loops and inverted loops. The Unicorn offers flight times that are typically longer than its competitors owing to its carefully designed propulsion system and airfoil.

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The Unicorn - a Next Generation EPP flying wing

You supply the battery charger, a radio transmitter that is “elevon mode” capable, a receiver, two HS81 or HS81MG servos, and servo extension cords; all commonly available at hobby shops or on the web. You also need to obtain a few common hobby supplies such as 3M 77 adhesive spray.

When constructed as described in the instructions, the wingspan of the Unicorn is 48 inches, which is best for beginners. However, you can later reduce the wingspan in order to increase aerobatic maneuverability and top speed.

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